There's a lot of crap out there. "5 ways to monetize your site", "6 ways to monetize your site", "7 ways to monetize your site"... I could go on (the only difference being whether you count Amazon as affiliate marketing, or its own category).

Because I have all the time in the world to kill, and you are obviously a very busy person, I have waded through the Google shit heap so that you don't have to. Am I not benevolent?

Starting out
How to build a niche site - - Pat Flynn has a great series of articles describing how he went from an idea to a website that is now bringing in >$1000 every month.

Getting people to your website by any means, fair or foul
How to trick Google into thinking you are more popular than you really are -
What Google likes, you should like too -

Wringing money out of them, ditto
101 tools to extract money from people on the internet -
142 more -

Persuading them to come back for seconds

I will keep this list updated as I come across new articles.

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