What would you take to a desert island?

All I could rescue before the ship of my pirate captors sank was my laptop. Yes, dear reader, that and my charger. After I finally made it ashore, I watched as the last traces of the pirates disappeared under the waves. I was alone on an island, stranded far from civilization with no idea of where abouts in the world I was.

Not only that, but my laptop had been drenched with seawater during my swim and there was no power outlet on this deserted island to plug it into anyway. Luckily I had soon rigged up a couple of coconuts into a make-shift solar panel and after carefully cleaning out the salt, my computer flickered back into life. Success!

It was fairly simple to hook up a simple aerial from a sharks tooth and the left femur of a long dead monkey. Before long I was hooked back up to the internet. But if I didn't know where I was, how could I be rescued?

My only option is to wait here until another ship comes by. Who knows how long that will be...

In the meantime, I was determined to make the most of my isolation. For a while I found easy gratification on a number of sites with barely clad men and women, but after a while it was not enough. Despair set in. I would never be rescued. I would die here alone and unloved. Soon the sharks circling off the island looked less uninviting.

And then I found Pat Flynn, blogger, dad and all-round hero. I was inspired. Could I too make a blog and bring in $50,000 a month?

There was just one problem. Pat and his pals don't stop advertising all the gadgets and software that you need to succeed. But I was stuck on a desert island with no credit card and no initial investment. I would never be able to afford Market Samurai.

Then I realized one simple thing: it probably didn't matter. All that stuff exists to get you to part with your cash for nothing. If you can do it with fancy software, you can definitely do it for free as well. And so the Desert Island Blog was born.


    Stranded on a desert island with only his trusty laptop, the Desert Island Blogger is spending his time telling you how to DIY a website or blog for maximum income-minimal expenditure.


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